Seaton Village is bordered by Bloor Street to the south, the Canadian Pacific Railway (C.P.R.) tracks to the north, Christie Street to the west, and Bathurst Street to the east. Although the Koreatown shopping district is at its southern border, it is sometimes referred to as the West Annex. While Seaton Village shares several characteristics with the area to the east (notably its architecture and its popularity with University of Toronto students), it is generally quieter, more family-oriented, and with smaller, less expensive homes.

The area is primary semi-detached single family homes dating to the start of the 20th century. Most are either of solid brick construction, while some have a facade of brick. Most of the trees planted at the same time as the houses were built are still standing. One unique home is located on Clinton Street. The house is almost completely covered with circular woodcakes cut from billiards cues.

Vermont Square Park is near the centre of Seaton Village. The park has a playground that was totally rebuilt in 2012, as well as off-leash dog park hours. St. Albans Boys and Girls club and the Bill Bolton hockey arena are also located in the park.

There are also several small businesses located along Dupont Street. Karma Co-op, a co-operatively run health food store, is hidden down a lane way (officially named Karma Lane in 2014) and has operated in the area since 1972.

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