Glen is bounded by Lawrence Avenue to the north, Bathurst Street to the east, a line south of Stayner Avenue to the south, and the CNR tracks to the west. Prior to the amalgamation of Metropolitan Toronto in 1998, it was part of the city of North York. It is also included as part of the larger official Yorkdale-Glen Park neighbourhood.

For the most part, Glen Park homes tend to date back to the 1950s and 1960s, when developers perfected the uniform vista of bungalows and backsplits. Glen Park is a middle-class suburban community of brick houses. Local shopping areas include the Lawrence Square Shopping Centre, the Lawrence Plaza and various street shopping areas along Dufferin St and Marlee Ave.

The western section of Glen Park - centered on Dufferin St. - is home to a large Italian Canadian population. The eastern section of Glen Park (often referred to as Englemount) is a primarily Orthodox Jewish community that resides closer to Bathurst St. While the area west of the Allen Expressway is considered to part of the administrative neighbourhood of Yorkdale-Glen Park by the City of Toronto, the area east of the Allen is along with Lawrence Manor considered part of Englemount-Lawrence.

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