Formerly part of the City of York, Oakwood-Vaughan is a bustling multicultural neighbourhood running from Saint Clair Avenue West, in the south to Eglington Avenue West, in the north, Dufferin Avenue, in the west and Winette and Arlington Avenues in the east.

The community has sprung up around a stretch of Oakwood Avenue, also known as Oakwood Village, which is home to the annual Oakwood Village Arts Festival. Incorporating a portion of Little Jamaica on the north eastern point, the area is well served by the TTC with frequent buses running north-south and the Saint Clair West and Eglington streetcars east-west.

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2213 Dufferin St
Toronto, ON

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Fairbank Public School  (Grades JK–08) 
2335 Dufferin St, York, ON, M6E3S5 
(416) 394-2323 Attendance Area for Regular Program - map boundaries

Vaughan Road Academy  (Grades 09–12)
529 Vaughan Rd, York, ON, M6C2R1
(416) 394-3222
Attendance Area for Regular Program - map boundaries

Rawlinson Community School  (Grades JK–08)
231 Glenholme Ave, York, ON, M6E3C7
(416) 394-3080
Attendance Area for Regular Program - map boundaries

Oakwood Collegiate Institute  (Grades 09–12)
991 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON, M6E1A3
(416) 393-1780
Attendance Area for Regular Program - map boundaries

J R Wilcox Community School  (Grades JK–08)
231 Ava Rd, York, ON, M6C1X3
(416) 394-2388
Attendance Area for Regular Program - map boundaries

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School
636 Glenholme Avenue
Toronto,ON,M6E 3G9

D'Arcy McGee Catholic School
20 Bansley Avenue
Toronto,ON,M6E 2A2

St. Alphonsus Catholic School
60 Atlas Avenue
Toronto,ON,M6C 3N9

St. Clare Catholic School
124 Northcliffe Boulevard
Toronto,ON,M6E 3K4