Expect our property buying team to provide you with a keen critical eye, strong opinions and a keen desire to protect your interests. We have toured thousand of properties in over 47 plus years. Don't expect us to be simple property tour guides. Expect a precise, analytical review of each property toured. After all you have hired us to act for you!

A Zen Property Buying Experience

Relax, you're in good hands. After all the FreemanTeam® has well over 100 years of full time real estate sales experience combined and thousands of transactions to speak confidently of. We see the big picture and right from the get go we begin a soothing process to assist you in your purchase.

We first sit down for a personal consultation in order to get a more precise idea of your property ownership goals and needs. This often starts with being good listeners. Spending some time allowing you to open up and describe your dream property allows us into your private domain to view the world through your eyes. This process allows us to customize solutions focused on your unique requirements.

Budget is an important part of the buying process. Helping you set your budget (as required) and having access to competent Mortgage personnel will allow you to purchase confidently. Whether it is your first home or that investment property the world of financing varies greatly. Knowing the what, when who and where of financing your purchase will save you much potential frustration.

With a property type in mind and a secure and realistic budget in hand now is the time to go shopping!

Time is money and shopping for that perfect match involves energy, money and yes that rarest of commodities time. The FreemanTeam® will streamline the buying process by selectively identifying and presenting the best property matches , pre-screening these matches and then if all works out touring these properties with you in attendance.

Once you found that perfect match its time to put pen to paper. The Offering process is a formal legal process that often involves negotiation. As your representatives we will thoroughly explain the process and position your offer to buy in the best possible light to protect your interests and secure the property.

Our service excellence does not end with the offer process having been completed. We are there for you right up to the day you get the keys and beyond. Our select group of property service professionals come with our recommendation. Be it the plumber, the electrician, the appliance and furnace repair guy, we are ready to share this select group with you.

"The FreemanTeam®'s Value proposition is the experience and knowledge gained in closing transactions for thousands of Buyers for almost 50 years"