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Little Portugal   

Little Portugal, located west of the Old City of Toronto is bounded on the west by Lansdowne Avenue, on the North by College St, on the East by Ossington Ave and on the South by CP and CN railway mainline tracks. The area is mainly residential, with Portuguese businesses along Dundas St West and College St, from which the neighbourhoods get its name.

While the neighbourhood is predominantly Portuguese, more recently a strong Brazilian influence has develop as can be ascertained from the recent world cup. Little Portugal is a dynamic urban area where old world traditions meet 21st century styles. The area has a mix of European Bakeries, Art Galleries, boutiques and exciting restaurants and nightlife with ever more recent "it" restaurants opening in the neighbourhood.

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That's easy. Best way to express it is this way. For example imagine the following raw data (discreet sold prices), $350,000, $209,000, $155,000, $209,000, $609,000, $2350,000. The Mediam value is calculated using Median = {(n + 1) ÷ 2}th value. First we sort the sold prices in ascending order, smallest to highest, then you determine (total properties + 1) ÷ 2. If the results is an odd number, than that's the number in the sequence that if exactly the middle sold property. If it is even, you need to average the 2 middle numbers, in other words the nth sequence and the nth sequence + 1